Stewards Meeting 2016

LOCAL 6372


 (Affiliated with AFLClO)



Benny Hopper called the Annual President Stewards meeting to order at 9am on September 29th and 30th, 2016. The meeting was held in the room conference Room of Americas Best Value Inn in Knob Noster Missouri. All members recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members of the E- board present and 12 members each listed below.


  • Benny Hooper. President
  • Herb Bauman. Ex- Vice President Mo
  • Wayne Kauffman. Ks Vice President
  • Dean Weigel. Treasurer
  • Scott Allen. Secretary


  • Steven Russell – Harrisonville, Mo
  • Marty McCallister- Junction City, KS
  • Bill Linden- Ellinwood, KS
  • Dennis Wilson- Warrensburg, MO
  • Mark Freeman-Salem, Mo
  • Glen Rowland- Lebanon, MO
  • Wayne Kauffman- Baldwin City, Ks
  • Edward Pautz- Lexington, Mo
  • Russ Bollinger- Maryville, Mo
  • Tony Alshouse- Kearney, Mo
  • Steve Marcotte –Burlington KS
  • Steve Flint – Tipton Mo




General small talk till meeting paused at 9:30 for training for the Steward directed by A.J Villegas covering basic duties of a Steward that ended at 4:30pm.

Break to eat dinner. Russ Bollinger gave blessing.


Meeting Started back at 7:00pm

Benny opened

Benny -E-Board new member discussion.

Benny-Asked Stewards to answer Emails in a Timely fashion.

Benny – talked about SOP item number 6 and maybe changing the $400 giving to members of Kansas to being  a member in good standing.

Dean – Explained the money issue with local and how at one time the retirement hit this local’s bank account.

Russ- made motion to draw for left over watches to hand out to the stewards Mark Freeman Seconded ( we have 3 left over watches)

Marty McCallister , Steve Marcott, Bill Linden won watches.


  1. Marty McCallister made motion to change SOP number 6 and Steve Marcott 2nd to – Retirement meal and CWA approved Jewelry benefit shall be reimbursed up to $400 maximum with receipts.  To be eligible retiree must complete 5 years uninterrupted membership prior to retirement as a dues payer with Local 6372. To be used within one year of retirement date unless an extension is approved by the E-Board.



Passed by all


SOP discussion closed


Benny opened discussing Lew Ellingson about Unlawful Discrimination about transferring locals and read the ruling. How it relates to the non dues paying member moving into a dues paying shop. Pass out the office Ruling and asked to post on company boards.


Dean Weigle did the financial statement and read to Stewards.

Marty Motioned to except and Mark Freeman 2nd voted to expect and passed by all members


Mark Freeman motioned stop the meeting for the Night Glen Rowland 2nd

Motion passed


Meeting closed 8:30 for the night.


Meeting opened at 8:00 am


Minutes from last meeting read by members and discussed Motion to except  Mark Freeman 2nd by Glen Rowland.


Benny- talked about Greivances  for the last year and answered any questions about the list each steward was given that had all active grievances on it.


Russ- asked about swearing of new stewards


Russ- asked about Co techs being on call and the Cable splicers are not, it causes an issue because we can’t get a splicer in the middle of the night .  The end product is the CO trouble stays out for a long period of time and the CO tech is called out for nothing.


Benny- said let the dispatcher do their job and call out a splicer. Sit there until you get direction from management or a splicer shows up.


Tony A- How come network tech cant due Splicer’s job because it says other related duties


Benny said that we need to try to stay within our job titles.


Ed P- Ratification ballots why do we add strike?


Benny- we can work on simplifying the ballot and I will get with Ed to see about a change.


Marty M- pay code issue with BMO pay code if an IR  tech is doing BST work. I have changed this in the past and now I have been told I’m going to lose my out of class pay. There is an issue on the 3 line issue and what classifies what a business line is.  Look at page 57 wage classification it states you get paid $1.50 for every hr SHALL be paid when working out of class, and an IR tech working on CO or Business is out of class. We need to get this straight with the company and get our correct pay.


Benny- we are still waiting on the answers from Dan G to get the answers. Benny agreed to do the research to find an answer.



Steve- said the out of class pay gets the other person more money then I make to my own job.


Benny- I will follow up on this Monday.  We need to put it on the table that if the other local comes into our area then every tech in the area gets paid his wage need to go to the table.



Ed P – We need get equal wages with the other locals coming into our area to work. We need to make sure it we focus on the area verbiages located in the back out the book when we do to make sure this local is covered. I’m going to send you the MOA from the 6300 local for you to have a reference.


Steve M- Bidding of new jobs we need to go back to the hire from local first, and  remove the most qualified  application because the company is not promoting this locals members or training anyone


Benny- the company does not want to get rid of this wording because it put them in control but we can try.


Mark Freeman- Company is appointing an in charge person and it need to go to most senior member but now it whoever the boss picks.


Benny- look at page 69 and its says $2 more per hr for lead


Marty- we have an employee that home garages and it’s not even our area. Because there is an agreement that has never been seen from back in 200 . He drives 2 and 3 hrs to his first job.  His reporting location is Junction City and he lives over an hr.

Benny – Ill make myself a note to get answered this week.


Ed P- we need to clean up the floating holiday wording in the contract. We can’t take when we want and that was not the intent of this benefit.


Benny- we have grievance on this and are working on going to arbitration.


Glen- are the floating day still down by quarters?


Benny – only for the first year of employment, then after that the days are  there on the first day of the new year.


Marty- the day off after thanksgiving some people are going to work do we get time a half


Benny- it’s a holiday so you get double time any holiday


Tony- we are not even getting a schedule in my area


Benny – we get that straighten out. A grievance is needed.


Steve M – Vacation carry over is automatically carried  to the next years vacation pool.


Glen- if we keep carrying over vacation day is the company going to stop that and start taking away days because we are not using them?


Benny- no because we say its needed for vacations our sick leave, it’s a personal choice.


Mark F- on the job injury can we stop the 5 day of our time?


Benny- no it federal changes law but you must wait for your week pay from the government?

I’ll get with the Union law firm, also explained FMLA to the stewards.


Benny – please check your pay stubs because the company has been shorting people pay.



Dean- re allied the steward coverage and past out information to stewards via email.


Benny- asked the steward to start writing grievance and work hand in hand with the VPs and file as many as you can.  You all have been trained!


Benny-Spoke to not using the company computers, and cell phones for union business they can track and read.


Benny – swearing in of New, Kansas Vp Steve Timm and new stewards Dennis Wilson and Steve Flint.


New meeting time set for September 23rd 2017 next year in Knob Noster, MO



Mark Freeman motioned to end meeting Glen R Second all passed.



Meeting ended at 11:00