Members News March 2017





By now everyone should have received their new company cell phones for the new dispatch system.   Although these new phones may be an exciting new devise with all the bells and whistles, we would like to remind you that it is still a Company cell phone and you should use it accordingly.  We would not recommend any personal use of these phones, i.e. personal email, personal texts, snap chat, etc.   We would also recommend that if you are not on call or on stand-by to leave these phones at work to reduce the chance of a lost, damaged, or a stolen phone while not on Company paid time.  Simply put, we don’t want to see anyone put themselves in a position to have to answer for the misuse of their new Company cell phones.



We are rapidly approaching contract negotiations again.  We will begin bargaining the new contract in January 2018, 10 months from now.  The E-Board will meet April 1st to begin preparation for this upcoming bargaining session.  As always, we ask that if you have a current contract issue or a bargaining proposal you would like to have discussed, please get those to your perspective Steward and we will hear those issues/proposals at this year’s Stewards meeting on September 23rd.  Also, we need all the support and unity possible going into the next contract negotiations in order to present a strong front at the bargaining table to get the best contract we can so don’t hesitate to get with your Steward and/or Officers with your contract issues, proposals, ideas, suggestions, etc., so we can begin discussing those as soon as possible. 



This year is election year for the officers of the Local 6372 Executive Board.  For those of you that may not know, there are 5 positions on the Executive Board:  President, Kansas Vice-President, Missouri Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  If you are not a Steward that will be attending the Annual Stewards meeting this year and want to put your name in for one of these positions you will need to provide a short, signed letter of interest for the position on the E-Board you want to run for.  The letter will need to be given to your perspective Steward to bring to the Annual Stewards meeting that will be held this year on September 23rd in Knob Noster, Missouri.  Stewards that attend the meeting will not need a letter to put their name in for one of the positions due to being present to acknowledge their nomination.  For those of you that would be interested in being a Steward, those positions will be up for election through local meetings held by the current Stewards in late summer/early fall of 2018.  Look for more information on those elections next summer. 



As the Company hires a few new employees across our Local in job titles that are covered by our contract, the E-Board would like to ask our members to give us a call and let us know their names and contact information.  In the past, the Company would send the Local President a copy of the job bid and who it was awarded to, but that has changed.  We no longer get that information so knowing who has been hired and where can be a challenge for us.  With this year being an important year to work on our next contract negotiations we believe it is important to get in touch with these new employees as soon as possible to gain their support and hopefully sign them up as new members.  You can access the Stewards and Officers contact information by going to our web page below.



As always, do not hesitate to contact your Steward or any of us Officers with any concerns or questions you may have.  An open line of communication between us will help create a stronger Union and hopefully better working conditions for all of us. 


In Unity,

CWA Local 6372 Executive Board